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Cord tissue

What is Cord Tissue?

Cord tissue fills up the umbilical cord. It does not include the cord blood.
The cord tissue contains different types of cells (including but not limited to the mesenchymal stem cells) that may play an important role in treatment of different conditions in future. These cells are different from the ones found in cord blood.
Over the last decade, more than 43 studies using the mesenchymal stem cells from cord tissue have been documented ²¹. The cord tissue collection (like cord blood) is harmless and painless to both the baby and the mother.

Benefit of Preserving Cord Tissue

Your baby’s cord tissue has different types of cells that have many potential treatment benefits. There are no standard treatments available using the cord tissue stem cells today;however, the current research indicates that the cells from cord tissue may play an extremely important role in treatments in future.


1 in 3 may benefit:
It is estimated that with the possible treatment of diseases like diabetes, stroke, autism, cerebral palsy etc. in future; 1 in 3 individuals may benefit from regenerative medicine ²².


Better results in transplants:
Co-transplanting stem mesenchymal stem cells from the cord along with the cord blood would improve engraftment 6 folds. It may be very useful in cases of low cord blood volume also ²³.


Least matching restrictions:
Mesenchymal stem cells from the Cord Tissue exhibit immune-modulatory qualities. These cells have the least matching restrictions ²⁴.


Trials moving in positive direction:
Over the last decade more than 43 studies using the mesenchymal stem cells from the Cord Tissue have been documented ²¹.


More proliferation less risk:
The Cord Tissue stem cells have very high proliferation capability and are not likely to cause any complications in allogeneic transplant ²⁴.

Cord Tissue Preservation With CryoSave

Preserving All Treatment Options

CryoSave brought the concept of cord tissue preservation to the Indian stem cell banking industry. CryoSave transports the cord tissue in sterile conditions and processes it with aseptic precautions, in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines to ensure total safety.
As pioneers, we understand that cord tissue research is in early stages and that we need to help you preserve the most for any potential future need.

CryoSave Preserves


The complete cord to cover all potential treatment options.

Internal makeup preservation

All the parts of cord (including the blood vessels, perivascular area, Wharton’s jelly etc.) and not just the Wharton’s jelly or cord lining.

Potential usage

Parts with cells like mesenchymal cells, epithelial cells, endothelial cells and muscle cells for potential use.

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