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Cord blood transplant

What is Cord blood?

Cord blood (also referred to as umbilical cord blood or placental blood) is the extra/ residual blood that remains in the umbilical cord after the cord has been cut at the time of delivery.
This blood is no longer needed by the baby after birth and can be collected without any harm or pain to the baby or the mother ⁶.
Apart from the usual components of blood (Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells & Platelets), cord blood also contains stem cells (primarily hematopoietic stem cells) that have been used to treat more than 80 types of diseases till date ³. Researchers are constantly working to harness the therapeutic potential of these cells further to treat even more diseases.

Benefit of Preserving Cord Blood

The first media claimed Cord Blood transplant happened in 1988 ⁹, over 25 years later, your baby’s birth is going to be your only chance to preserve the stem cells found in Cord Blood.


Over 30,000 ¹⁰ transplants for 80 diseases ³
An accepted source of stem cells, cord blood can be used to treat all diseases treated using bone marrow ¹⁰.


Benefit to Self & Family
Use of Cord Blood in treatment does not require perfect match ⁷, partial matching increases the probability of using cord blood for family.


Ready to Use
Since the Cord Blood is collected, tested and processed in advance; the stem cells are readily available at the time of need ⁶.


Lower Treatment Related Risk
Cord blood is not likely to transmit infections and also not likely to cause any complications in autologous transplant and less likely to cause any complications in allogenic transplant ⁷.


Probability of Use
1 in every 200 people may need a stem cell transplant using hematopoietic stem cells by the time they reach the age of 70 years. This data however does not take the potential future therapies into account ¹¹.

Cord Blood Preservation With CryoSave

Taking Perfection a Step Further

CryoSave has had a long standing association with Biosafe, the Swiss major that deals in providing stem cell banking solutions. CryoSave India brought automation with Biosafe’s Sepax to the Indian stem cell banking industry.
Biosafe’s Sepax is ¹⁹&²⁰

yes-iconPatented Single Use Kit : Unique and efficient kit that is opened just for your baby and discarded after use.

yes-iconClosed & Safe Processing : Closed system so that your baby’s cord blood does not come into contact with any external matter to ensure it’s safety and sterility.

yes-iconFully automated system processing single unit at a time : Complete automation ensures that human error does not affect your baby’s cord blood. Processing single unit at a time so that the parameters are set according to your baby’s cord blood sample in order to extract the maximum stem cells. Also, your sample does not need to wait for other samples to come in.

yes-iconUS FDA cleared and CE marked (European Union) : US FDA clearance means that US FDA has scrutinized this system, weighed the benefits and approved the device. CE mark means the system is compliant with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

yes-iconHighly efficient & consistent cell recoveries : In various comparative studies, this system has delivered efficient and consistent cell recoveries.

As the bank with the most experience in automation, we know that your baby deserves the best, so CryoSave collaborated withBiosafeto develop specific protocols available only toCryoSave’s clients. The protocol UCB-LITE V100 is CryoSave’s proprietary protocol available exclusively to CryoSave clients.

UCB-LITE V100 gives you faster processing that is chemical free for:

Cell recovery

Better cell recoveries

Cell maintenance

Maintaining the integrity & quality of cells

Cell treatment options

Keeping maximum treatment options open

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