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Doctors- say

    “Stem cell preservation is good for the future and it may become helpful in many diseases which were earlier without any proper cure.”

    Dr. Supriya Khetan

    MBBS, MS (O&G)
    ILS Multispeciality Hospital Kolkata

        “Save and store cord blood… that’s the way to go for a long and safe future for the near and dear ones.”

        Dr. Prakash Kini

        MBBS, DGO, MD
        Cloudnine Hospital Bangalore

            “Recent developments in stem cell therapies are a source of hope to several individuals suffering from currently incurable diseases. Cord blood banking may become the ticket to survival for some in future.”

            Dr. Mukesh Gupta

            MBBS, MD, DNB, PGDTC
            Le Nest Hospital, Mumbai

                “Cord blood stem cells collection is one of the most important breakthrough in recent medical history. Progress of science is such that in a few years lots of diseases will be treated with stem cell therapy.”

                Dr. Chirag Amin

                MBBS, MD, DGO, Diploma in Endoscopic Surgery (Kiel, Germany)
                Amin’s Hospital for Women, Ahmedabad

                    “Stem cell banking is good for the future generations for treating various advanced diseases and also for other research purposes.”

                    Dr. H. Narmada

                    MBBS, DGO, DNB, MNAMS, DPHA
                    Narmada Fertility Centre, Hyderabad

                        “Stem cell therapies are going to be the pillar of 21st century medicine. That is why I recommend all my patients to avail this opportunity of cord blood banking and save these precious cells for life.”

                        Dr. Sharda Jain

                        MBBS, MD, MAMS, FICOG, FIMSA, DHM, QM and AHO Director, Pushpanjali Hospital, Delhi

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