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  • We believe that an early decision gives you a head start. It gives you ample time to go through all the relevant details and complete the necessary documentation. After signing-up, CryoSave provides you with a unique ID and bar code to facilitate identification and communication.


  • CryoSave provides you with the Natality medical kit box in order to collect cord blood, cord tissue and maternal blood. The Natlity medical kit box is a UN3373 compliant box designed for safe and temperature controlled shipping of your sample. Collection assistance, if required and communicated in advance, is provided.


  • CryoSave arranges for transportation of the Natality medical kit box from your birthing center to CryoSave facility on your behalf. CryoSave has partnered with a certified logistics provider that has the required expertise and is IATA and ADR compliant to undertake the transportation of your baby’s Cord Blood & Cord Tissue sample.


  • CryoSave processes the cord blood using in a fully automated closed system that is US FDA approved and CE marked, this system runs on a proprietary protocol, only available to CryoSave clients.

Fully Automated Consistent Chemical Free Fastest Maximum Treatment Options

The cord tissue is processed in strict aseptic precaution in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.

Preserving all different parts of the cord Preserving different types of cells Preserving all future options


  • Maternal blood is tested for infections; tests on cord blood and cord tissue are also carried out. The reports of these tests are shared with you along with your Certificate of Cryo-preservation.


  • Post processing, the cells are secured in double overwrap bag and prepared for cryo-preservation by controlled-rate-freezing. They are then immersed in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen at sub-zero temperature (-180°C to -196°C). Cryo-Save uses the cryo-preservation systems from Taylor Wharton – the original innovators of cryogenic equipment, to ensure the best possible security for


  • When needed, CryoSave India releases the stored cells and transports them to the treating facility. Support like expansion of cells and pre-transplant tests is also provided.


  • CryoSave India understands the importance of these precious cells; to handle unforeseen circumstances, CryoSave provides you additional security and care via our Medical Support, Quality Assurance, Transit Insurance, Storage Insurance and Disaster Relief.


CryoCord+ Service Fee


  • Initial service fee (in INR)Initial service fee (in INR)
  • Balance service fee (in INR)Balance service fee (in INR)
  • Total Price (in INR)Total Price (in INR)
  • Initial service fee (in INR)5000
  • Balance service fee (in INR)70,000
  • Total Price (in INR)75,000

We give you multiple payment options to make it convenient for you to avail the CryoCord+ service offered by CryoSave India.

Other Payment Options


Debit Card




Cheque/ Demand Draft


Bank Transfer


Online Payment Gateway

Financing/ Installments


Note: Current pricing policy is valid from 28th October, 2013; however Cryo-Save (India) Private Limited reserves the right to change this pricing policy at any point in time.

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