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    • 21 MAY 16
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    Top 5 Books to Read while you’re Pregnant

    The pregnancy test is positive. You’re overjoyed. Then you’re anxious. You’re about to undertake the life-altering adventure of parenthood, and you have seemingly endless questions. One way to calm the natural anxiety you’re feeling is to learn as much as possible about birth and babies. You’ll learn a lot from your doctor. May be you’ll

    • 21 MAY 16
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    Reasons to Enjoy Being Pregnant

    Pregnant women cannot help but think about the discomforts and unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, and sometimes they could use a reminder of the enjoyable parts of maternity. Nausea, Heartburn, Exhaustion, Varicose veins. Trouble sleeping. You often hear about the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, but there are also wonderful aspects of being pregnant. Here

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