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About CryoSave India

Since its inceptionin 2008, CryoSave India (Licensed by CryoSave Group) has epitomised technological advancement, expertise, quality and care in the Indian stem cell banking industry.

CryoSave India understands that parents want the best for their babies and is committed to bringing the best in global stem cell banking to parents in India.

The CryoSave lab at Bangalore was designed by the company’s founder Dr. Marc Waeterschoot for efficiency and sterility. The technology leader in the Indian stem cell banking industry, CryoSave has many firsts to its credit including automated cord blood processing, cord tissue preservation and chemical free cord blood processing.

In the interest of transparency, CryoSave India welcomes medical professionals, researchers as well as parents to take a tour of the processing and storage facility.


CryoSave India shares with leading Indian therapists a belief that adult stem cells will contribute substantially, in the near future, to the treatment practices of a growing number of diseases and will increase, in the long term, general health expectations.


CryoSave India wants to become recognized as an Indian centre of excellence in the storage of adult stem cells and tissues for therapeutic applications.

Quality Policy

We at CryoSave India strive to process and store ethically sourced stem cells and to achieve Internal and external customers’ satisfaction through continual improvement of our processes and delivery.



Transparent expertise

Offers customers and professionals the best know-how in stem cell preservation. To guarantee the highest quality, the company provides all its employees with regular training and up-to-date information. Cryo-Save storage facilities are equipped with state-of the-art processing machines, managed by teams of researchers and biologists with specific qualifications and initiatives are regularly organized to open the doors of Cryo-Save India’s lab to visitors.

customer care

Customer care

Exceeding the customers’ expectations is a key objective for Cryo-Save India. The pan India and multi-cultural presence allows the company to have a close comprehension of local needs. Because storing babies’ stem cells is such a valuable opportunity, Cryo-Save India ensures to remain professional but with a personal approach in all steps of the service.

social reponsibility

Customer care

Cryo-Save offers families with a history of specific diseases the Cost-free Family Donation Program: Cryo-Save will process and store the new born’s cord blood sample, until needed, without any cost to the family at risk.

technology leader

Technology Leaders

CryoSave India is the technology leader in Indian stem cell banking industry. CryoSave currently runs it’s cord blood processing on a completely automated system that runs on a proprietary protocol for better outcomes.



CryoSave India introduced automated cord blood processing, cord tissue preservation and chemical-free cord blood processing to the Indian stem cell banking industry.

process expertise

Process Expertise

CryoSave’s processes ensure quality, safety, sterility and monitoring at each and every step of the way. Traceability is ensured from the beginning of the process to the very end.

storage expertise

Storage Expertise

CryoSave India’s lab is situated at Bangalore, a location that facilitates accessibility and is safe from a natural disaster point of view. The systems, vigilance and double/ parallel monitoring ensures safety of preserved samples for release.



Apart from the necessary DCGI license, CryoSave India’s quality systems work in accordance with AABB, NABL, ISO 9001: 2008 and WHO-GMP.


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