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    CryoSave in Cerebral Palsy Treatment

    CryoSave in Cerebral Palsy Treatment

    CryoSave is leading and sponsoring a clinical trial for investigating treatment of cerebral palsy using dual infusion of stem cells from both cord blood and cord tissue. Read more about CryoSave & Treatments

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  • At CryoSave, we have been storing umbilical cord stem cells for families all over the world since the year 2000. CryoSave stored it’s first sample in India in the year 2008 int’s stae of the art stem cell processing and storage facility in Bangalore. Since then, we have been providing the Indian parents an access


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I heard about CryoSave India from my friends, I did research and I found about the very sound and updated technology CryoSave is using .The day interacted with CryoSave Team they were absolute punctual and very disciplined regarding   Read More

It was a great experience working with CryoSave. This was my first baby, in fact the first in his generation so I did a lot of research. Finally, after meeting all the Stem cell banking companies we decided to go with CryoSave.The team that came to explain the details was very thorough   Read More

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